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Project Description

Shichiro Kobayashi – A painter in a cartoon world

This extraordinary artist has made cartoon history in Japan. In his 43 years as an artistic director, artist and painter, he has become legendary, both in Japan and worldwide.

It all began in 1963, when he graduated from the University of Musashino and set off for Tokyo with a head full of dreams. He seemed destined to become a great painter but instead joined the cartoon industry, working for Toei Animation (the studio behindUFO Robot Grendizer,Captain Harlock, andDragon Ball, among others). There, he earned his stripes as a background artist and painter, before starting his own company, Kobayashi Production, in 1968. This gave him the opportunity to express himself and try his hand at all sorts of weird and wonderful artistic experiments, leading him to work on series includingNobody’s Boy: Remi,Treasure Island, Ulysses 31, Creamy Mami, Pokemon and High School! Kimengumi

Documentary / short film of 52 minutes